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How to Market the Most from Valentines Day!

By Kouther Husain on 14/02/17 - 374 views

Once again the time has come upon us to acknowledge Valentines Day. Hate it or love it, you just can’t seem to escape this holiday wherever you turn. Whether you’re walking past a shop window, sitting down to enjoy a meal or even filling up at a petrol station, you will find yourself surrounded by...

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Happy Birthday to US! We are officially 9 years old.

By Eman Abdulla on 22/01/17 - 410 views

Happy Birthday to US! We are officially 9 years old and what a journey it has been. January is traditionally known as award season in Hollywood, but they are not the only ones creating magic around here. No Sir! We have been getting up at 8:30am for the past 3285 days (or 9 years for...

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By Eman Abdulla on 16/01/17 - 457 views

My graphic design internship at VII Tech was a great experience. The workplace’s friendly atmosphere made the long working hours more enjoyable and enabled me to develop myself as a graphic designer. Waking up every morning and enduring the horrible traffic made me realize how important it is to manage time for my own sake. I...

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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

By Kouther Husain on 26/12/16 - 492 views

Alas the time has come to reflect over our 2016 journey. This year we are proud to have completed a number of massive projects. But if we were to sit here and take you through them one by one, we’d probably be here until the end of 2017. We’re sure you have better things to...

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Internship at VII Tech Solutions – by Aseel Sharaf

By Nada Naser on 16/08/16 - 543 views

Internship at VII Tech Solutions – by Aseel Sharaf Going into the internship I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I had hoped I would gain technical skills, and I did. I learned a new programming language, worked on a live website, and managed and used databases for the first time. I expanded on my...

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