We are so pleased for the OneGCC who have recently secured a whopping $2.5 million investment!

Onegcc has always believed in the talent and potential of GCC nationals. With so many eager minds searching for jobs, it was obvious to onegcc that the community needed a platform where GCC nationals could shine and showcase their skills.  With the aim of helping locals securing their dream jobs, an idea was born: a careers platform that promoted local talent by advertising jobs from all sectors and all over the globe.

We couldn’t be prouder of onegcc and all they’ve accomplished thus far. We have had the honor of working alongside this team of visionaries bringing their dream to reality. Working closely with the onegcc team, we designed and developed their concept into the multi-purpose platform we see today.

What onegcc Can Do

The online platform is now equipped to serve both job seekers and employers. Each can search for the perfect roles or candidates. From the moment you turn to the platform, users can easily navigate their way to the appropriate page by identifying as either a job seeker or an employer.


There are many useful features for employers that make searching for applicants a smooth, stress-free process. For example, as soon as an employer posts a job advertisement, the platform will suggest candidates with the necessary qualifications. Employers can even organize interviews on the platform without resorting to email. These are just a couple of features that employers can benefit from. Onegcc has been developed to ensure that all the employer’s needs are met during a job search.

Stressful job searches have become a thing of the past. The platform has been developed to be just as user-friendly for job seekers.  Once logged in, there are clearly marked pages where they can work on their profiles to best showcase their experience and skills. There is also a search bar available so that they can browse vacancies and clearly identified pages where they can track their application process.

We are so pleased that onegcc has opted to remain with us to maintain the platform. Working on such a large project with such an admirable objective has been an immensely rewarding experience for us.


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