Amazing! Fantastic news! Last week 23rd March 2014, Viitech moved to its new home, a place we can call our own. This has all happened in my first month working at Viitech and I’m thrilled to be involved in all the excitement and enthusiasm with my colleagues.

It has been a very busy time, preparing and decorating the new premises but it has been worth waiting for.  The new office is wonderful in a great location in Seef area, the view is fabulous and there’s more office space which will be needed as the company continues to develop and expand.

Our old office however will always remain as a fond memory and be remembered as the place where it all began.


Here are some photos of our new office:

New home

Entrance to the hall


New home




New home

Development office



New home

Creative Director office



New home

Managing director office and meeting room




New home

Creative and design office

The new address is:

Building 655,

Road 3614,

Block 436,

4th floor, office 44

The Address Tower

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 14.00.49

Pass by and see what we are up to.


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