As of yesterday, May 11th, Instagram had a major update that involved changing its logo and user interface (UI).

Other creative apps such as Boomerang, Layout and Hyperlapse were also updated but didn’t create as much fuss as the main app, Instagram.

Instagram update

Opinions varied between lovers and haters for the Instagram update, so we were tempted to ask our own team (development and graphic design) what they thought of it, and this is what they said: 

1. Too Round:

Vanessa Brooks ( Junior Graphic Designer): “I like the colors. I guess they were going for the red-room and the whole process of developing photos but the rounded edges on android is a NO”. Vanessa uses an Android phone, and in her opinion, it looks worse on Androids than iPhones. This is how it looks

Instagram view on Android

2. Loss of Identity:

Yanyan ( Art Director ): “It feels like they lost their identity, it doesn’t look like instagram anymore, but the User Interface is quite clear, I don’t mind it”.

“When apple changed from the 3D icons to the flat icons, everyone went crazy and expressed their dislike but we got used to it eventually and we cannot go back to that anymore. Maybe that’s what will happen, but for now, I still think they shoulda kept the vintage look”.

Do you remember what the old and new iPhone icons look like?:

Photo Credit: Extreme Tech

3. Tripping on LSD:

Mary (Sales Officer): “The new Icon looks like it was designed by someone tripping on LSD”.

giphy (1)


4. Prefer the Other Apps:

Ahmad Y. Gerashi ( Web & mobile developer): “I liked the Boomerang and Layout updates,  there were actual changes to them, in terms of user experience, but Instagram? NO”.

5. Missing the Vintage Feel:

Kouther (Junior Legal Counsel): “Do not like it! I mean it’s cute enough but I much preferred the vintage style of the vintage camera. I don’t mind the layout to be honest, still does the job for me.”

giphy (2)

6. A Childish Design

Fatima (Graphic Design Intern): “I hate it, it looks like a child designed their logo for them. The layout looks black and white. Too boring! Maybe we’ll learn to deal with it like we dealt with the Facebook updates. We hated them and then we came to terms with them later”.

7. Great User Interface, Disturbing Design

Mahdi( Web & Mobile Developer): “As a user who uses Instagram rarely, the new design for the application doesn’t affect the old concept of Instagram. Instead, it just changed the way a user would focus on the content. The UI menu is now smaller than the previous, which allows a lot of space for the actual content. Otherwise, I don’t find any serious problems with regards to the new update except for; what is wrong with the new icon? Did they use one of the Photoshop Gradient default presets?? Seriously, it looks disturbing”.



8. Ugly and Slightly Disappointing

Zainab Mohd( Web & Mobile Developer): “The new Instagram icon is modern compared to the old one but somehow it’s ugly. The point of Instagram is to socialise with the world based on sharing images and inspiring others. If that is their purpose and  they are representing that with this icon, it is a bit disappointing. Is Instagram fading out !? I wonder if they will keep heading backwards and let their competitors take their place in the social media world”.

So in conclusion, we like the user interface (UI) but we don’t seem to be able to come to terms with the new Instagram logo update.


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