One of the most difficult questions I faced at the beginning of my career was estimating the time I spent on a specific development project; and it was either I didn’t know how long did it take or I guessed it and threw a random number there.

Then I learned that there are several softwares that I can use to track the time I worked on a project. However, most of them were manual like “Toggl”, or “Harvest”.

They are cool time tracking tools and you can use it for design, marketing, and management, not just programming. One problem is you have to remember to click start the moment you start working and tough luck when you’ve been on the grind for hours and then it hits you: oops, I forgot to click start.

For those with a good memory: Use Toggl or Harvest.

For those with not so good memory and scattered brain like myself, I prefer WakaTime!


It is a software that counts hours you spent programming. If you would like to know how many hours you have spent working on your code; this is the one.

WakaTime automatically counts the hours based on your code editor and gives you a complete analysis of total time spent, peak hours, and what languages and files you worked on the most.





How to use Wakatime?

The software relies on the text editor you use to code, and it supports all of these:


if you would like to use “IntelliJ” for example, Wakatime would have a page that would explain how to Install Wakatime and use it specifically for IntelliJ.





There are so many websites and softwares to track your productivity in development and it all depends on your needs. If you would like something thorough and detailed, try Harvest or Toggl

If you need a rounded up figure with ease of use, use Wakatime.

Do you use other Softwares and Websites? Send me an email or a tweet.


Happy Coding!


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