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Can you count the times when you downloaded a file and your computer just crashed? or when you visited a website and the “Reported Attack Site” sign showed up to warn you of the viruses nesting in that website? Me neither. I once downloaded a 700 Megabyte file only to discover that it was a virus. Can you imagine a virus that big? The whole file was infected. Sometimes, the Antivirus software cannot detect the virus because the hacker has coded the file in a way that it would bypass any security system and it wouldn’t be able to delete it.   If you would like your device to stay virus free, The first piece of advice I can give you would be “USE COMMON SENSE”. Check the website you are downloading from,  the sender and in what extension. If you are downloading an image and the sender has sent you a .exe extension, you’d sure doubt the sender because the extensions for images are usually .png, .jpg, .jpeg, and.bmp Yet still, there is no definite way to know if any file/website is infected.. or is there?

Virus Total


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  VirusTotal is a well-known website that detects viruses on both websites and files. It is very easy to use and could save you and your computer.   Here is a quick Tutorial on how to scan Files:

and how to scan websites:

There are other websites that serve the same purpose, but this is the best one for me because it scans the files/website with more than fifty softwares at the same time. They have an Android application, but I am not a big fan of it because of its user experience. They also have a software for Windows and Mac. I hope this article helps you to protect your computer from the vicious viruses. You can leave a comment, a question or feedback if you like. you can also read the blog in Arabic Here.


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