Happy Birthday to US!
We are officially 9 years old and what a journey it has been.


January is traditionally known as award season in Hollywood, but they are not the only ones creating magic around here. No Sir! We have been getting up at 8:30am for the past 3285 days (or 9 years for the less dramatic folks) and creating digital magic for our awesome clients. And seeing as we wouldn’t be anywhere without our clients we thought it would only be right to spend our 9th anniversary celebrating the 9 things we love about them!

So without further adieu…

  1. We love the different challenges our clients bring to our door! They always push us to think creatively. We made to break down the walls of traditional box-thinking and devise innovative methods to achieve their dreams.
  2. We love learning about different industries! All our clients come from diverse industry backgrounds. Whether a bank, government institution or retail business, we love delving into their worlds and learning lots of cool stuff about their work. We especially love working with restaurants… we could stare at photos of food for days.
  3. We love that our clients trust us! We always ensure that we maintain excellent relationships with all our clients, which is why many of them continue to work with us.
  4. We love that they care about the work as much as we do! We love the work we do and care about each and every project equally. What we love even more is seeing the excitement and passion from our clients.
  5. We love that our clients provide good feedback! For those who have worked with us, you will know that the work we do is heavily team orientated. One of the biggest drivers of success is collaboration. Our clients are always happy to communicate with us every step of the way. They provide us the feedback we need to create the products they envision.
  6. We love that our clients never leave us with a dull moment! With all the different services that we provide and all the different industries that we cater to, our days are always varied. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we begin our day researching social media strategies for restaurants and end the day testing applications for educational institutions.
  7. We love receiving free samples! Not going to lie here, but we definitely love receiving and trying out samples from clients… all for research purposes of course.
  8. We love that our clients offer us creative liberties! In any creative industry, often the best ideas happen in the moment. We really appreciate how our clients give us the freedom to flex our creative muscles when providing them with design or development options.
  9. We love that our clients allow us to do what we love best – WORK! Every new client or project means we get to live to work another day. We can’t think of anything else we would rather be doing. So to all our clients; past, present and future: Thank You!

We are now going to celebrate the only way we know how… quick coffee/cake break then back to work. We hope to meet you all soon!



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