7 things about VII Tech:

I’m VII Tech, a creative services agency based in Bahrain. Today is my birthday! Yeah!

7 years ago, 7 creative and tech fanatics decided to do something together. So, I was born. And yes, 7=VII, and that is how I got the name.

Many people asked me “Why Purple?” Well, it’s a unique color set me apart from any other company, and I love it.

Up to today, I have 12 talented, diverse, and awesome people to keep me up and running happily. (A office cat will double that happiness…please!)

I do pretty cool stuffs most of the days for clients as well as for myself. My day is filled with creativity, fun, and committed people.

I’m proud to say that I’m the most resourceful, fun-loving and dedicated team you will ever meet. If you have met someone else, please let me know.

I’m also really passionate about making new friends and make beautiful visual impacts to contribute to their success. And nothing can make me happier than their satisfaction.

For the past years, I was fortunately enough to work with a lot amazing clients. Today should also be a day to celebrate our friendship, and show my appreciation. So, if you are one of them, please come celebrate with us. If you haven’t met me yet, at least you know something about me now. And I will be happy to get to know you.


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