Goodbye 2016 Team

Alas the time has come to reflect over our 2016 journey. This year we are proud to have completed a number of massive projects. But if we were to sit here and take you through them one by one, we’d probably be here until the end of 2017. We’re sure you have better things to be getting on with. Instead, we only ask 5 minutes of your time whilst we take you through our 2016 highlights.



One project we can’t stop gushing about is “Onegcc”. OneGCC is an online platform that enables GCC nationals to actively search for jobs in any given field. Moreover, it makes life easier for employers as they can easily post and advertise vacancies and sift through talent by searching for specific qualities or qualifications.

This project will always be near and dear to us as it was the first of this kind that we worked on. Having launched the beta version a mere 7 months ago, the site already has over 28,000 users! That is definitely celebratory lunch material.

But with every major achievement there are always hurdles that one must overcome. Being the first of its kind, we learned early on that a realistic and technical roadmap was essential. In other words, when dealing with such a large scale platform that caters to multiple types of users, we needed to be clear on exactly what feature was to be developed and when. This called for a sit down with all parties involved, a.k.a. developers, designers, project managers and the client themselves. Together we planned out a strategic and organized timeline for the development of this employment platform.

Once the roadmap was in place, it was pretty much smooth sailing. With a team of around 10 people, we managed to roll out the beta version in just 5 short months. Onegcc is a web friendly platform with a number of features such as; matching job posts to job seekers with the requisite qualifications, management of the interview process, a search bar to find jobs or employees and much more. If that wasn’t enough, our team is continually working on maintaining the platform whilst developing 2 new features a week!



Everything that we do is a team effort and we wouldn’t be anywhere without our team. We would like to thank and congratulate all our incredible employees for their continued hard work and effort this year.  Check out all the highlights from the VII Tech team below:

Mohammed: “What I’m most proud of is the ongoing growth of VII Tech’s business and the reputation we’ve built. Also, I got a doughnut AGAIN for my birthday this year. But it came with a Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte, which is an improvement!”

Jawad: “I’m most proud of the 3 huge projects that we completed this year. My office highlight has to be the addition of more creatively crazy people to the team.”

Yanyan: “My favorite achievement of the year was finishing the design for a technically complicated system that focused heavily on its users. I also love how my work relationships have become genuine friendships out of work.”

Vanessa: “My highlight of the year was being able to finish the year completing a fun and cool design for a new client. I also love our weekly movie nights with the team!”

Zainab M: “My highlight of the year was developing a project that required me researching into intellectual property laws and rules. I learned a lot of new and interesting facts along the way. I also loved how the team surprised me with a ton of Kinder chocolates for my birthday!”

Eman: “In my short time at VII Tech I have learned so much, especially about business management. I also love all the new snacks I’ve tried because of my colleagues.”

Abdullah: “My highlight this year was getting to do swift and iOS. Also I love the random conversations that take place around the office.”

Mustafa: “One of my proudest achievements this year was working on the onegcc project. Also I loved that time the developers won the debate against the designers over whether the company should use Notion or not.”

Ahmed G: “I learned a lot more about web management, security issues and advanced android development this year. I also loved how many times I convinced the office to order pizza for lunch this year!”

Mahdi: “This year, I have learned and experienced how developers actually work in companies. The most fun highlight of the year was celebrating my birthday with the company. Like seriously, I never done that in my life, and it was the best cupcake ever!”

Zainab Y: “My highlight of the year was reorganizing the filing cabinet. It was such a long and dusty mission! My office highlight is ordering donuts on Thursdays.”

Ahmed S: “I am really proud that I learned how to create single-page applications this year. I would say that some of the most memorable office moments would probably be our office lunches. The whole company gets together and feasts on good food.”

Kouther: “I really loved getting to branch out of my role in legal and help out with some copywriting every now and then. My office highlight would probably be trying all the random desserts people bring to the office!

And there is no forgetting our incredible interns this year! We really enjoyed getting to know each and everyone one of you…and there were a lot of you!


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