We can’t believe that the countdown to 2016 has begun, and a day is left till we say goodbye to 2015. We are very grateful to our clients, staff members and interns and we’re very excited to welcome the year 2016.


In 2015, our team grew a little bigger to include 3 more team members, Nada Naser, Mary El Khair and Ali Ashoor.

Nada Naser:

Nada is our Marketing Officer. she specialises in digital marketing, SEO and social media management and is Hootsuite certified.

Ali Ashoor:

Ali joined VIITech as a full stack Mobile and Web Developer. He is highly organized, quite a positive spirit and a background knowledge in design.

Mary Elkhair:

Mary is our Sales Officer. She is quite the people’s person and has experience in Australia and Malaysia.


Yonis Attiya

Efficient, creative and slightly crazy with socks and mobile cases to match it, Yonis was a great addition to VIITech’s creative team and we wish him the best of luck in his new business.

Ahmed Alrowaie

At a young age, Ahmed showed interest in the development field. We were happy to have him on board for three weeks where he developed his own native Android mobile app for school to help other children make healthier snack choices.

Ahmed Al Qayim

During his time during VII Tech, Ahmed worked closely with our senior developer on SharePoint, and some internal projects.

Ahmed Shehab

Ahmed is a polytechnic IT student. At VIITech, he works on front-end development. He has developed a great responsive website all by himself.

VII Tech New Year

Wonderful Clients with creative projects

If you’ve worked or heard about VIITech, you’d know that what fuels the team is creative projects and great people. This year we’ve been lucky to have both.

We are very thankful to all our clients, and the opportunities to create websites, mobile application, Brand Identities and everything that we love.

We are also happy that they are happy, and looking forward to welcoming them again in 2016.

Thank you and see you next year!


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