Formula 1 Weekend!

I would normally be celebrating the fact that it’s Thursday anyway, but today is double cause for celebration because it’s the Formula 1 Weekend!

Sitting at my desk, sifting through my to do list, I couldn’t help but notice that office chit chat is all about the races. Not that I’m complaining, the excitement is infectious!

Since I’ve always been more of the Carpe Diem sort anyway, I thought I’d kick the racing hype up a notch and let it shamelessly affect my work… whilst still actually doing my work (win/win).

Now I’ve always imagined Social Media Marketing to be very much like an F1 race (the comparisons are practically screaming at you).

These days you don’t have to go far before hearing the words ‘social media’, ‘marketing’, ‘digital’. Most likely you have a few profiles going on a couple social media platforms for all those times when you’re in desperate need of some procrastination. There’s no shame, we’ve all been there. Those cat videos are an excellent way to mentally prep for that financial report.

But why is it important for your business?

Well, let F1 show you the light…


Imagine that every racer is your company. You know how to drive the car that is your ‘business’, you can drift around deadlines like a boss, you cause sparks wherever you go. You are the star of the show! But how do you make sure your light shines bright like a diamond?

Every racer is sponsored by a car. They race their cars, wear their driving suits, probably sport a particularly cool hat. One could go so far as saying that their racing strategy is customized to that car. In a similar fashion, Social Media Marketing can be customizable to target specific groups of people. See what we did there?

This way you can target users by specific factors such as location, education, gender, age, purchase history etc. Your message will be sure to reach your exact target market in this way. You no longer have to randomly scatter your brand in the hope of getting traction.

Like any company, racing is a team sport. Every racer needs a top notch pit crew. They are the ones who refuel the car, change tires, etc. Much like a pit crew, Digital Marketing allows you to set out fires as soon as they arise. Not only will this help stop the spreading of bad reputations but will also get you extra brownie points for being portrayed as a business that truly cares about customer service. No down sides to any of that!

Okay, so you have all your racing gear on and your pit crew behind you. Let’s drive!

Races are competitions and nobody understands competition better than a company. Any business worth its salt will be aware of the competitors in their race. Digital Marketing is an excellent way of leveling the playing field. Businesses of any size can reap the benefits of online marketing without busting their annual budget.

Once the checkered flag is waved and all racers fly across the start line, their minds are focused on only 1 thing: Winning! All eyes are on the prize and it all comes down to who crosses the finish line first.

For businesses, that finishing line is generating sales! Social Media is like a whole world of supermarket checkout lanes decorated with goodies that you just ‘have’ to have. Attractive content and engaging captions will help generate revenue as your irresistible products are showcased in everyday situations that consumers can relate to.

So you’ve made it! You crossed the finish line so far ahead of others you actually have time to look back. Go on, give a smug wave. You’ve earned it.

Whether you follow the races or not, everyone has seen the image of the winner popping the bottle of that elusive drink and showering the crowd with their jubilance. It’s this moment where the racer celebrates with his fans that really touch us on a ‘personal level’.

This is exactly what your business should exude on social media: A Personal Touch. Everyone appreciates it when they feel that a company is actually talking TO them rather than AT them. Keeping the conversation going will increase the loyalty of your following as people will start to genuinely enjoy looking forward to what you have to say next. So be sure to keep it social!



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