Dealing with Creative Blocks


No matter what you do, I’m sure all of us have at one time or another struggled with a ‘Creative Block’. Whether your job relies heavily on your mad writing skills or your sweet problem solving abilities, there is always a little creative thinking involved. No one understands this problem better than our designers. Tasked with creating original concepts everyday, they often find themselves searching for a little inspiration to get them going.

Inspiration comes in many different forms. But what to do when you are actively seeking it? Here is a little advice from our design team:

Vanessa: Whenever I get a little creatively stuck I always like to turn to research. I find it really useful to be able to understand the world of my target audience. I don’t necessarily research design issues. Often I find myself stepping into the shoes of a potential consumer and research things that they would most likely be looking for. Once I feel like I understand my audience, I feel more confident to design something that they will respond to.  

Yanyan: If I’m really really stuck I like to move on to something different. Sometimes when you are productively working on something completely different, you subconsciously get an inspiring idea for the previous task. I also recommend discussion. I’m lucky that I work with a great team that is always up for a little brainstorming. It doesn’t even have to include people from my own department. Just throwing around ideas with colleagues who approach the issue from different angles is really useful.

Jawad: When in need of a little inspiration, I find it really helpful to get a change of scenery. So if I’m stuck when I’m at my desk, I either go into one of the other offices for a chat, grab a coffee or go for a walk/vape. I find that it really helps to clear my mind and create the space for the fresh perspective that I need.

Eman: Whenever I feel that am in a block and need inspiration, I will stop working, get something to drink and do something that I enjoy as distraction.  This usually helps to empty my mind of all the things that are blocking the creative flow. Then I will start from scratch and usually find that I have some new and fresh ideas to work with.


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