“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” That’s quotation has been posted in the wall at VII Tech, and this is how I get the inspiration to have a fresh start every day.

I believe that feeling your work office is just like your second home is not that easy to find. At VII Tech, “we work hard, learn, have fun and laugh”. HOW?

We create our own joyful environment. We simply ensure that we are surrounded by creative, cheerful and supportive people.

 Small activities always bring the refreshment into our small office. Our ice-cream day, as well as our delicious pineapple day.

There, when I feel bored and exhausted from finance tasks, I energize myself by having a quick tour in our departments, the rooms for exploration of new ideas and creativity which are geared towards putting a smile on our clients’ face, looking how codes could turn into a window of magic, and how a small logo/design collects all ideas and thoughts.

I learned there that being satisfied at work requires you to “work hard & being nice”. Try to learn something new daily and be creative in what you do. Although everyone needs his own space to do his own tasks, but we all agree that working in a team means that “Together Everyone Achieve More”.

Black huge boards are a big motivator to us at VII Tech, Where we can write our goals, work on it, and achieve it.

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Yes, This is what inspires me at VII Tech.


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