Happy International Women’s Day!

To celebrate all the incredible women out there and all the great work they do, we are going to shine the spotlight on the women at VII Tech today. Here at VII Tech, we are proud to be an inclusive office that celebrates diversity. We have women at different stages of their careers and here is a little more on their career stories so far:

Eager to inspire more women into the field is Zainab, one of our Web/Mobile Developers at VII Tech:

“I love working as a developer as there are always different challenges that need solving. This requires a certain amount of creative thinking which is really fulfilling. Also, people often think that being a developer means being stuck behind a screen all day with no one to talk to. In reality, I work within my team everyday to solve technical issues together. This makes the job interesting as you get to discuss different ideas all the time with different personalities from different backgrounds. This sharpens your interpersonal skills and helps you in daily life. I encourage anyone with a passion for continuously enriching his/her skills to become a developer, especially women! It is not just a great job, it is an adventure with a lot of interesting, challenging and fun moments!”

Our Marketing Officer, Eman has recently joined our team upon graduating from University and has gotten proper stuck in with all things Marketing:

“I am enjoying being the Digital Marketing Officer at VII Tech and keeping up to date with things related to digital marketing & social media. Social media is where most people are spending their time, and since I’m working in the field that even I find myself spending more time in, I’m sure that I can always give my best to it. Another good thing about my job, is that I keep learning new things & I always have to think differently to achieve my marketing goals. I believe that I can always achieve my goals and that makes me stronger. I know that every woman can too!”

Layla is our Office Manager. She is responsible for organising everyone at the office and dealing with any business related queries:

“As I’m a working mother, I face many challenges & responsibilities. The big challenge for me is how I can be my best at work and be the best mother. I try to manage that by focusing on the quality of my work. I really enjoy my career. I’m getting lot of satisfaction & confidence out of what I do. So, my message to all working mothers: ‘You have a super power. You are awesome!”

Yanyan is our Art Director and has been with us for almost 4 years creating amazing designs for our clients:

“When I stared my journey at VII Tech I was also a wife and a mom trying to keep my career in tact.  It wasn’t easy. It was like having 2 full time jobs, with no weekends. This is my 4th year at VII Tech and 10+ years in this career path. I’ve finally got to the stage where I am fully confident with my design ability and balancing my 2 worlds. I’m very happy about what I can do and achieve. I always knew that I wanted to be a mom who is proud to be who she is and a role model to my son.”

Vanessa is our Junior Graphic Designer and we often find her doodling designs even when she’s not on the clock:

“With design I feel like I can always communicate with my peers on an equal level, both in college and as a career. Being in a creative industry, everyone is willing to share what they know. So if anyone is interested in the field, there are a lot of opportunities for someone to learn and grow.  At VII Tech I’m always being challenged as every project we work on is greatly different than the last. I have learned so much in my two years and loving every minute of it.”

I also really enjoy working at VII Tech. Although as Junior Legal Counsel, I primarily do legal work, I have come to learn a lot about marketing, design and digital solutions. This has helped me develop my creative thinking skills which I hope to continuously develop as it really helps with my legal work!

Happy Women’s Day everybody!


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