Bye-bye 2014

How did time go by so quickly? It’s December 2014 already!! I felt like this year just flashed right in front of my eyes. Do you feel the same way? Although it went by so fast, I can’t deny that I have learnt and grown so much this year with my team in VIITech.

Where do I even begin the story now? Let me start from the very beginning: For those who do not know me, I started working in VII Tech since March 2013 as a designer. At that time I had just moved to Bahrain, everything was all so new for me. It wasn’t my first job, so the work part is no stranger to me. But I didn’t really know the culture here, will I be welcomed? I was worried, but soon I realized that VII Tech is not just any design agency. I was not just an employee, but also a valued member of VII Tech’s Team. Together we are trying to create an environment that is creative, friendly, relaxed and diverse. We bring talented people on board regardless of what their backgrounds are, and make sure everybody has the same vision to make VII Tech move forward. In 2014, we definitely grew into the team we tried to create.

It’s the end of 2014, so we interviewed our team. See what they say about VII Tech.

Mohammed Ashoor (Bahraini) Founder / Managing Director
With VII Tech since the very beginning

Q: What made you start a company like VII Tech?
A: My background in Computer Engineering. I have always loved technology, and anything fast paced, which is basically the field of technology today, so why not start a business. I’m passionate about it.

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment this year?
A: I’d say this year it is building VII Tech to what it is today, compared to how it was 3 year ago. We only had 2 people and now we have a team of 12. Additionally, the amount of things and projects we have done this year.


Vanessa (American) Designer
With VII Tech since Oct.2014

Q: What do you think is the biggest strength of VII Tech?
A: Companionship. Being comfortable around each other, you need people to bounce ideas off each other and that works very well in VII Tech.


Eman (Bahraini) Marketing & PR
With VII Tech since Feb.2014

Q: Use words to describe VII Tech?
A: Energetic, fun and friendly, they are like my second family.


Layla (Bahraini) Office Manager
With VII Tech since Feb.2014

Q: Do you feel proud to tell people where you work?
A: Yes, of course.


Jawad (Bahraini) Creative Director
With VII Tech since 2012

Q: How can we make work more fun?
A:  More fun… than this? LOL! Really?! Maybe we should bring a tennis table.


Hussain (Bahraini) Development Director
With VII Tech since May 2014

Q: What do you expect in 2015?
A: To have our own products, and showcase our abilities.

Check out our latest Youtube video HERE

Yes, we are proud to be a part of the VII Tech team. We work, learn, fight, laugh and grow together. Now we say Bye bye to 2014 and hello to 2015. We are going to keep making changes and grow. At the end of the day, we don’t just work and progress on our projects, but we also enjoy what we do.


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