Internship at VII Tech Solutions – by Aseel Sharaf

Going into the internship I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I had hoped I would gain technical skills, and I did. I learned a new programming language, worked on a live website, and managed and used databases for the first time. I expanded on my android app development knowledge, front-end design, and how to read logs and debug complex projects. But I also gained so much more from my time at VII Tech.  There’s something to be said about learning things that aren’t so simply defined.

One of the most important lessons I gained from this experience isn’t about the work I did, but about myself. The work was just a catalyst. I learned to trust my ability to adapt to situations in order to solve different challenges. I was given responsibilities that I believed were way beyond my level, but then with guidance and assistance, I was able to complete them. This taught me to be confident in my work when I give it everything I have.  I was often challenged, and a bit stressed, but I always managed. Now I walk away knowing that all the boundaries that I used to have on what I can do don’t actually exist and that I can evolve as a programmer.

My time at VII Tech was also successful because of a number of elements that made the experience both encouraging and enjoyable. I learned the value of having a team to cooperate with, the value of being organized in both the actual work and the planning of it and the value of being able to communicate freely with others, whether it meant accepting criticism in order to improve or double-checking what needs to be done. I learned the value of an environment that was casual and fun, but still creative and encouraging. And, to be honest, between the long hours and early mornings I learned the value of a cup of coffee.



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